No Excuses by Kyle Maynard – He was born a congenital amputee, his arms ending at his elbows and his legs at his knees. But that didn’t stop Kyle Maynard . Kyle Maynard, author of No Excuses, was born in with a rare disorder called congenital amputation. He has no forearms, shortened legs, and stands only. 21 Mar The story of how Kyle Maynard overcame extraordinary adversity to become the first quadruple amputee to scale Mount Kilimanjaro.

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May 08, Holli rated it it was amazing. I would have liked to no excuses kyle maynard heard more about his family, but that was a small matter.

A very inspiring book about being able to accomplish almost anything you put your mind to, no matter your situation. Over all I would recommend this book to someone. His family is amazing as excusex including parents who let him try out for everything and did all they could to encourage him. He said wrestling helped him overcome and fight through many obstacles in his life. His positive attitude, and determined personality has helped him to accomplish many different goals. I was also interested no excuses kyle maynard reading about his struggles and how he’s dealt with them, but instead everything is rainbows and unicorns.

Refresh and try again. He played youth football and then turned his high school career into mainly wrestling. His philosophy of “no excuses” is awesome, and I’m sure that has helped propel him to where he is today. That is no excuses kyle maynard he got a tattoo of a tiger on his right shoulder. Kyle accomplished alot even with born disabilities. Mar 11, Clayton Tune rated it it was amazing.

Kyle Maynard: one man’s life with no excuses – Telegraph

Do as much as you can with what you have and not wish you had something no excuses kyle maynard. Kyle was no excuses kyle maynard a congenital amputee, but it has not prevented him from accomplishing goals he had set for himself despite his disability.


Quotes from No Excuses: Paperbackpages. Its a book about a wrestler, Kyle Maynard, who is born without full limbs and overcomes almost everything people say he can’t. If there was anyone that could make him feel kkyle, or make him feel more comfortable around people, or any situation, it was his loving grandma. He subsequently learnt to eat, write, and walk on his no excuses kyle maynard.

Kyle Maynard maybard the challenges he faces in everyday life, khle he does so in a way that doesn’t make the reader feel sorry for him. Mar 12, Kendra rated it it was amazing.

Really, he is normal, just specially made excuuses God. Aug 23, Amber rated it it was amazing. Watch this trailer for Noahthe new film directed by Darren Aronofsky.

I can’t no excuses kyle maynard enough about this book and Kyle Maynard. Our beliefs can be our biggest obstacles, or our biggest strenghts.

This vivid epic invites the audience to experience extraordinary no excuses kyle maynard through no excuses kyle maynard eyes and emotions of Noah and his family. Published August 1st by Regnery Publishing first published With amazing support from his family, Kyle’s jo work, faith, and dedication pay responsible for the human spirit.

Award-winning film director Darren Aronofsky brings Noah to the cinemas — the inspirational Biblical story of courage, sacrifice and hope. He tells of how, during a speaking tour, he looked at himself, out of shape, alone in his hotel room, and knew, for the first time, he had started to believe what others said about him.

Kyle Maynard

That is very nice of him to do, instead of thinking that they are rude jerks. One interesting event was that he could play football with no arm or legs. As ,aynard not familiar with the sport, I found it hard to visualize what he was writing about.

Kyle was almost never complaining about his disease. Although he was born with a rare condition known as congenital amputationwhere fibrous bands prevent the development of fetal limbs, Maynard decided to pursue involvement in sports, first in youth league football, where he played nose tackle for the Collins Hill National Eagles at age Excuess 08, Michael Scott rated it liked it. A no excuses kyle maynard you may find inspirational is the autobiography “No Excuses: I wish there were more wrestler out there like Kyle spreading a positive view on the world of wrestling and also trying to promote that anyone with any disability can excel in lif I am so happy I found this book and put it on the no excuses kyle maynard of my list.


The story is about him and how he overcomes his problem and differences from normal people to wrestle. He went on to place 12th no excuses kyle maynard the pound weight class in high school.

Apr 12, Desiree rated it really liked it.

A belief that I can go on and do what I need to do. Jan 22, Joshua Cline rated it really liked it. How much do you want it?

No Excuses | Book by Kyle Maynard | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Instead he glosses over most no excuses kyle maynard it Really this book is worth about 2 stars, but Kyle seems like an awesome guy, so he gets extra stars just for that. Instead he glosses over most of it brief mentions of learning to eat with silverware, driving, etc.

Retrieved 7 November What an inspiring work. The book is completely true and myanard. I would love to meet him in person one day. Many of our middle school boys have enjoyed this book and it was suggested as a possibility for our list of book no excuses kyle maynard do we face adversity?

But the young Maynard never let his physical shortcomings stop him. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.