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Checking the datasheet is always fatasheet good suggestion. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I was not aware of those. Very good article, thanks for talking about a subject often overlooked by many. These transistors will invert the signal from the N-channel mosfet, ensuring no short circuits could happen. That indeed is odd and I start to wonder if it is the IRL that is shutting down or something else.

However it has a very low Rdson. irf20

IRF520 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

How we connect irf mosfethere the problem is …. What kind of lamp is it? For example, when used with a high frequency PWM and high amps, careful testing must be done, because high frequency means more time spent in the linear zone, and these parts can quickly get hot and burn, differently of TO dattasheet, that can also burn, but only after some minutes of overheating. The Vce in saturation is about 0.

Now you want to put current through a coil. The driver will have only 2 inputs, allowing off, fw, rev and brake. For the differences, print out both datasheets and look at each value Thanks for pointing out that series.


IRF Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

The datasheet indicates max Vgs 4V but the curve shows that at 5V the mosfet can deliver current way above my requirement Thank you for your help. Try just to test without the converter, 3.

Do you have the break out board in the drain or the source?

At 8A it is not even breaking a sweat. I have chosen to put one in just to be sure. An attiny85 could do urf520 as well. I am not sure what voltage you need but you may try this one a 30n Hello — Great post! See the reference below: So the currents you are quoting are with a full supply voltage across the FET for a very short time. Rds 38mOhm with a Vgs of 3.

Maybe you alreadymeasured it but just to make sure, when your problem aises, have you measured if there is still voltage on the gate or even voltage on your PSU? The datasheet mentioned a current between 21 Amperes Amperes for driving led.

If it does open at 3 volt and your PIC supplies that, adding a transistor is not really necesary and if you do it satasheet need to be the BC, can be a regular signal transistor too, like the Also the and will be more efficient with this circuit. The STP3NA I do not know very well and I couldnt quickly find a readable datasheet, but though it doesnt seem to be a Logic level FET, from what I could see, it should open enough around 3 volt already… but if you have a better datasheet, please check that.

The transistor may burnt. If it is not there, the gate will not get ief520 voltage from the 12 V power source. Whats about this, I have check in the datasheet and seems to work very well at TTL levels even with a lot of Amps. The irr520 P-channel mosfet will be driven by transistors.


I am not sure what datasheet you looked at but I do not see a max of 4Volt, I see a max of ca 20 Volt. If you feed it with 15Volt the output voltage is around volt which will do the job.

What is the difference between the two components? Thank you for the clear explanation.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I think that is not normal. Keep an eye on the temperature though when you start using it with 8 amps.

Oh i fully agree David.

Using MOSFETS with TTL levels (5 Volt and 3.3 Volt)

Is there any logic mosfet capable to drive 25 Amperes? The relatively cheap BUZ11 is also an option. The gate source resistor is purely to make a predefined state and to avoid the entrance to float I datasheef not know the PIC18F that well, but what is important is the Output voltage it has on its pins.

Well what an amazing article. That 52 mOhms at 2. The Datasueet can take 36 amps.

This site uses cookies. I bought it and it works with Datashwet. Backyard controller design Eric’s Arcana and RiderX. I have a hard time believing it would work properly for reasons I explained earlier, but if you say it works for you… great.