Collection of popular halaal recipes by theme and occasion. Biscuits & Pastries Recipes Recipes. Desserts, Sweet Meats Recipes Recipes .

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The masterpiece has a simple recipe, which we will offer you. Keep scrolling for an easy recipe to guide you as you prepare the dough treat. Keep in mind that you can make syrup before the koeksisters and refrigerate it. Mix the dhana and the garnish so that they can assemble. Stir the mixture well using a spoon, put it in a proof dish, and place it in the oven to bake for about 40 minutes.

Now, rub the fish masala paste over it. Facts and Life HacksLifestyleEntertainment. Let the mixture boil and then turn off the heat. Braise the onions until they turn golden brown, and then add the turmeric, salt, chillie powder, garlic, and cloves. Bobotie is a tasty dish with a very quick and easy halaal recipe.

If you are using the seed buns, cut off its top and remove its soft inside part.

Next, add the spices, sauce, baked beans, and tomato paste. Denning vleis halaal recipes can be prepared with mutton or beef. Let the mixture to saute until it gets a sweet aroma. Others love it dry while others prefer it when fluid-like recipex like porridge.


We will share with you the halaal vetkoek recipe of a tasty fat cake filled with grated recipws, apricot jam, and spiced mince. Braise the naan using a frying pan and then you add the salad and the chicken filling. Now, add your creamed mixture keeping in mind that it should alternate with milk. Take a bowl, put eggs, corn flour, sugar, and a pinch of salt, and then beat the mixture well.

62 best halaal recipes images on Pinterest | Delicious desserts, Desserts and Indian food recipes

Your bobotie dish is ready to be served. Pour the mixture into the desired dish, use a lid to cover your dish, and then bake it for about an hour. Malva pudding is so tasty and most people prefer to bake it with toffee sauce.

Beat the topping egg with milk and then pour the mixture over your bobotie.

The sea dish is loved for its sweet flavor and aroma. Note that you should allow the excess water in the fish to drain off completely. Take the bicarbonate halawl dissolve it in the milk. Lastly, pour the sauce over your baked pudding. Pour the egg mixture into the dough keeping in mind that you can add more milk.

15 best halaal recipes

Place a pot on the heat, add milk in it to boil, and then add hwlaal cinnamon sticks. It is so delicious and we believe that many people would like to know how to prepare it on their own. Make the syrup by mixing a cup of water and sugar.


It is a delicious and a soothing treat, especially for tea-time. Share with your friends!

Press the dough into your sandwich tin. Next, add the mayonnaise and the salad onto the chicken. Boerewors halaal recipe is simple and we believe that you can prepare the sausage roll to break the trend.

Now, add the rest of the base ingredients into the beaten mixture and make a soft stiff dough.

The ingredient list to prepare bobotie is a mouthful though the results will satisfy you. Once the mixture is cool, pour it on a container together with the blended mincer blade and remaining ingredients.

Are you tired of taking bread and tea as your breakfast everyday?

15 best halaal recipes

Serve your tasty meal with melba toast or maybe savory biscuits. Remove it from the oven.

Next, add all the other ingredients, and then let the mixture cool slightly. Below is an easy recipe for the tasty treat. Your tasty meal is ready. Cook until the onions turn golden brown. Put to boil as well as simmer, the mixture of water, butter, and sugar for about 3 minutes.