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Standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN Office work place – Part 1: Space for the arrangement and use of office furniture; safety requirements. DIN – Amendments. This document has been replaced by:: DIN Relationship to other standards. This document references . DIN —1 Office work place — Part 1: Space for the arrangement and use of office furniture; safety requirements, testing (September ). BGI Office.

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Further differentiation within 45433-1 likely led to adaptations of different lineages to contrasting habitat preferences. Both Tibetan viviparous Oreosaura and P. Clade II demonstrates adaptation to high elevation, stony or gravel deserts; a reversal to sand habitats occurs for P. The recent molecular study of Rahiamian et al. Taxonomic differentiation within species complexes.

pCon.planner, office space standards and the ZDF

The BDNF dataset rejected the topology. Later Arnold suggested that Phrynocephalus evolved in the southern margins of the present distribution, i. Similar spiny scales can occur in mouth corners of miniaturized psammophilous members of the P. As with all rules, there are always some exceptions or special cases. Hence, the possible hybridization between P. Where did the sun go?


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Usage since published – updated daily. The increasing aridification provided a diversity of desert habitats for Phrynocephalus xin occupy as they started to disperse out of the ancestral area in Middle East and Turan Fig. Phylogenetic trees resulted from separate analyses of individual genes were shown in Figs.

The matrilineal position of P. More information can be found on the following websites: The distance surrounding a desk for movement or a comfortable office chair must also be sufficient.

Phylogenetic placement of Phrynocephalus. Two species of clade I P. It is the sister-taxon of vin I—J P.

Monophyly of the P. However, despite recent progress based on molecular phylogenetics Pang et al. Our analyses provide the most comprehensive taxonomic and gene sampling for Phrynocephalus to date. Accordingly, the common ancestor of Phrynocephalus was likely significantly smaller size category 87—97 mm than its sister taxa LaudakiaStellagamaand Paralaudakia ancestral size category — mm.

This timing makes interspecific hybridization possible. This estimate coincides well with the divergence time of another viviparous group vin lizards inhabiting Central Asia—the racerunner subgenus Pareremias Lacertidae Orlova et al.

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Total length in b. You can also choose to receive updates via daily or weekly email digests. The Mainz-based company uses our software for both relocation and area planning of its workspaces. Type of problem Typo Missing or incorrect metadata Quality: Our promise PeerJ promises to address all issues as quickly and professionally as possible. We reconstructed the evolution of the preferred habitat types among all sampled Phrynocephalus and Agaminae outgroups using MP Fig.

Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored. To account for topological uncertainty, the analysis was repeated based on a tree sample from the posterior distribution produced by BEAST. The driver of the basal differentiation within Agaminae in Oligocene ca. In exceptional cases, it may be possible to have a walkway slightly narrower. Color marking of species groups corresponds to Figs. The optimum partitioning schemes for nuclear and mitochondrial alignments were identified with PartitionFinder Lanfear et al.