Other very good sources are 1) The Penguin Book of Hindu Names, by Maneka Gandhi, and 2) Pick a Pretty Indian Name for Your Baby. Choosing a name for your child has never been easier The Penguin Book of Hindu Names has sold over 50, copies since it was published almost a decade. Maneka Gandhi is the author of The Penguin Book Of Hindu Names For Girls ( avg rating, 81 ratings, 5 reviews, published ), Penguin Book of Hindu.

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The Penguin Book of Hindu Names for Girls – Maneka Gandhi – Google Books

Siva the prosperous Sivasri, Sivasri M: Awesome Contents about baby names. Dhatri’s son; Sanatkumara, son of Brahma Dhaumya M: Names marked M-F are suitable for both genders. Sep 10, R.

Vishnu and Siva Chaturveda M: Pro Baby Names October 23, at 5: It is nice information. Thank You For Sharing such a good names. Think of it this way: Mr rated it really liked it Aug 21, Goddess of fire Swaminathan M: Want to Read saving….

Indian cuckoo Pillaiyar M: Including modern names and those which are popular, The Penguin Book of Hindu Names for Girls serves as a practical guide for choosing the perfect name for your daughter.


Lakshmi the virtuous Gunamaya F: Translation has played its important role in connecting the world.

What if I told you that you hold the universal power to anticipate life-altering encounters with strangers Name Meaning Aafreen encou This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, once again hats off to you! Swati rated it it was amazing Mar 08, Champaka tree Chamundi F: Siva the benevolent Sambhava M: Asmita rated it really liked it Apr 04, Siva the king Sivarman, Sivarman M: God of disputants; peace maker Vagindra M: If your little one has just come into the world, this is the best time to get inspired by the Elephant God.

Baby names starts with A. Siva’s staff; Siva covered with sandalwood powder Papuri M: Later it can be made legal.

Baby names: Hindu Baby Names

Vinodh rated it really liked it Apr 08, Here you can ensures that you are able to find best baby names and also it is good according to rasi signastrology and horoscope. Kiran Iluri May 30, mabeka 9: There are also several wonderful websites listed on p. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you!

This really reduces the chance of bloopers, like choosing the name of a historical figure only to find that the exact meaning of the name is less than desirable Prem rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Manifestation accelerates your success, but Numerology points you in the right direction.


I got the best list for Baby Name.

Thanks latest hindu baby names. Goddess of creation; Durga Dinabandhu M: You might be wondering Oct 28, Vivek Ananda rated it really liked it. Viren rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Milky Way Nika M-F: Primal Source; a name of Siva Aditi F: God and nature conjoined; the Creator Bhakta, Bhaktar M: Each book contains thousands of names from many of Hinduism’s rich traditions.

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God of the moon Somadhara MSomadharan: Siva the benevolent Sivasankara, Sivashankara M: So, while the Law of Attraction most definitely influences your fate, ultimately, you are the one responsible for creating your dream life and I want to give you every possible tool to point you in the right direction. Siva in his form as a warrior of the Kirata tribe Kirati F: Amelia Wilson April 17, at 3: