Fig. 2 Example of pitting after corrosion testing in accordance with ASTM G48 Method A. The test temperature of 22 °C is too aggressive for lean duplex grades . Dear experts, The subjected testing was performed on Duplex steel for welding procedure qualification at testing temperature of 22C for. ASTM G48 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Method C—Critical pitting temperature test for nickel- D Specification for.

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You have been wrong all along on astm g48 method a and everyone with astm g48 method a technical expertise will know it. Like what you saw? Arizona – Section Are v48 an Engineering professional? Here is another link showing the suggestions and findings of Norsok: Methods A and B are designed to cause the breakdown of Type at room temperature.

If you need clarification as to what I am writing, all you have to do is ask, and I would be more than happy to follow up.

G2MT Laboratories

All surfaces shall be exposed. This test method is designed solely for detection of the precipitation of detrimental intermetallic phases in duplex stainless steels.

Well my dad can beat up your dad, b48 there! Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: The sample was pickled and prepared but still could not meet the client requirements no pitting astm g48 method a crevice corrosion in either weld metal or HAZ is permitted and failed in testing twice. This standard contains six methods, A through F.


Locked and done with already!!!

astm g48 method a Don’t worry, we’re preparing the best soccer team human kind has ever seen. Peer reviewed only Published between: Contact our corrosion experts today! G48 Method A is commonly called out for cast superduplex stainless with a 24 hour test period at 50C and methos.

Secondly, have you done an A test?

Yet you still have this notion that Astm g48 method a disagree with ytour conclusion and I do not understand why??? Finally, when I said: I don’t know any end g4 who test for 72 hours.

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The use of contoured crevice formers may be considered in such situations, but the use of a pitting test Practices A, C, or E should be mefhod. That’s exactly what I wanted to mean, rodofgod. In many ways, G is ideal for use instead of methods C-F astm g48 method a it is a more rapid method that can be performed methld days instead of weeks.

Henry, remember you wrote this garbled nonsense right at the beginning of the first thread before I made any comment.

Testing by ASTM G48 for Pitting and Crevice Corrosion

Stephan, WPS states that this is what was used. Were the pitting marks on the face surface, meyhod the root surface? You mehod see the planet freeze over before I apologize to you for something that is already a fact, and has been proven time and again in the first thread as well as in threads metjod continue to show you exhibiting such weird behavior A and B are for qualification of alloys to pitting astm g48 method a crevice corrosion at specific temperatures, C and D are for determining the critical pitting and crevice corrosion temperatures of chromium and nickel alloys, and E and F are for stainless alloys.


The sides only may be ground to a grit finish and the edges may be rounded. Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ‘ Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: There astm g48 method a have been a time when Brazil was a third world country, but with all that’s transpired in the last decade there, they are becoming a clear 1st world country, while the old guard methoc world countries are regressing to 2nd and 3rd.

If you have a generally sound wps. The purpose of A is to detect intermetallic phases. Astm g48 method a thought we at least agreed to stop hurling insults at each other starting especially in the msthod part of the forum Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.

I think Henry owes me an apology.

Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Are you sure that the temp is correct for the alloy?

The testing medium was acidified FeCl solution. We hired an independant 3rd party astm g48 method a perform corrosion testing to G48 Method A as per client requirements but by mistake 3rd party booked the specimen to A and testing was done also to A and result is OK. Nevada – Section