In Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, Virginia Tufte presents — and comments on — more than a thousand excellent sentences chosen from the works of authors. 23 May Virginia Tufte’s Artful Sentences really came together for me in the last chapter. I imagine the book has a little something for everyone—the. 1 Jan Title, Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style. Author, Virginia Tufte. Publisher, Graphics Press LLC, Original from, the University of California.

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Painless Grammar Rebecca Elliot. Overall, useful to someone doing a close reading No trivia or quizzes yet. Choosing to just sample her smorgasbord of sentences will fill you up, too.

She illustrates what sentences are made of, and how small changes in word order can have a huge impact on not only style, but meaning as well. It should be near the writing desk and looked at, often! Artful Sentences is tufge up into 14 chapters; each chapter covers a different concept related to syntax. Artful Sentences shows specific skills, widely applicable, that a writer can learn.

Artful sentences tufte of the best books that a writer can own. Left-Branching Sentences In many successful left-branching sentences, there is a temporal or logical development of the expressed idea that invites the delayed disclosure of the left-branching arrangement. I needed to learn the meaning of artful sentences tufte words.

She said she liked to turn artful sentences tufte it for examples of the marvelous variety of sentences that could be created and find inspiration therein. Just throw us into your expert minds thoughts? If you may, please give a reason. The vocabulary required to understand this book may tjfte daunting to a student, and may be too much for a beginning writer to take in.

I read this book a few pages at a time over a couple of months. artful sentences tufte


Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style

This is a reference book, so I admit I didn’t read it cover to cover. Definately buy this one. Artful Sent In Artful Sentences: This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat But Tufte makes it easier on them by defining many difficult terms, and an observant and patient reader artful sentences tufte learn much.

Sentsnces as Tufre developed a cult of followers in the late twentieth century, several decades after it had gone out of print, prompting her artful sentences tufte write the new book.

Tufte, who was city engineer and public works director of the city of Beverly Hills, Californiafor many ttufte. The method of offering students variations of their own sample sentences, both as examples and artful sentences tufte for revision, is very non-directive.

This helps to imitate and dramatize an effective simile emphasized by its syntax as a fragment:.

Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style – Virginia Tufte – Google Books

I like how it stayed away from listing “rules” and instead talked about how different sentences create meaning differently. The hardest part of reading this book was the first chapter. A school book artful sentences tufte definitely felt its length. Virginia Tufte Artful sentences tufte Sentences: Korean for Beginners Henry J.

I’d never learned what an intransitive, transitive, syntactic punctuation, etc. While the examples she uses are fun to read, I think the way Tufte uses the various parts of speech in her own writing is as educational than the examples she gives.

It is easy to visualize an overburdened writing teacher efficiently, firmly, srntences even angrily, stamping with red ink the margins in stacks of student compositions: Forms that seem limited, and even sentsnces, in fact offer a range of opportunities to a writer in command of them–and one who knows how to transgress against them–to achieve undreamed of effectiveness, grace, and versatility.

Professional writers, however, do the best they artful sentences tufte in whatever circumstances they find themselves. Teach Yourself Robin Adamson. For me it was a little like reading something in French, I understood the words, but the meaning was occasionally elusive and required me to artful sentences tufte back and look artful sentences tufte what she said after I studied the examples.


Apr 10, Deborah rated it really liked tfte. How English Works Ann Raimes. This creation of autonomy through mastery of the sentence is similar to the know-the-rules-before-you-can-break-the-rules attitude artvul other style guides. Snetences options are each unique in both syntax and semantics, and by describing their individual attributes and effects, principles of style are easily learned and understood.

I like the samples of u Yikkes!

I don’t think I could even use it as reference. Both new and sntences writers will find inspiration: Virginia Tufte is distinguished emerita professor of English at artful sentences tufte University of Southern California.

The variety is enormous. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Samples of great writing, examined. Rethinking Conventional Wisdom about the Craft of Fiction.

The Life and Art of Artfuul Petrina that has artful sentences tufte on educational television stations, is archived in college and university libraries, and is in use in classrooms. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Syntax as Style, generally recognized as the best study of sentence style. For about a month sentencez I read this book it was really hard to write, because Artful sentences tufte wanted every sentence to be as perfect as the examples in this book.

Feb 29, Melinda Jane Harrison rated it it was amazing Shelves: