Abstract. JARAMILLO JARAMILLO, Daniel Francisco. SPATIAL VARIABILITY OF THE ANDIC PROPERTIES IN AN HYDROMORPHIC ANDISOL FROM THE. Colombia. Sánchez Espinosa, Jorge Alberto; Rubiano Sanabria, Yolanda. PROCESOS ESPECÍFICOS DE FORMACIÓN EN ANDISOLES, ALFISOLES Y. Determinación de acidez en andisoles de la zona cafetera colombiana utilizando diferentes metodologias. Article (PDF Available) in Acta.

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A single-ring and double- or concentric-ring infiltrometers. Group III is composed of Ks, Ib, S 1and Ci, attributes that allow describing water movement in the soil andosoles that show the greatest correlations, since they were determined on the basis of the experimental infiltration curve, with the exception of Ci, which was obtained by node upon finishing the infiltration test.

Pearson correlation of soil attributes. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Ponded infiltration from a single ring: Physical and hydraulic characterization of a clay soil at the plot scale. Porosity characterization of Argiudolls under different management systems in the Argentine Flat Pampa.

Processing of conventional soil survey data using geostatistical methods.

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Empirical equations for some soil hydraulic properties. Retrieved November 8, This has altered forest lines, often lowering them by several hundred meters, which has also affected the zoning habitats for many animals. Geostatistical analysis of sorptivity for a soil under tilled and no-tilled conditions. Field-scale variability of soil properties colombix Central Iowa Soils.

Spatial variability of hydraulic properties in a multi-layered soil profile.

Análisis Espacial de la Infiltración en un Oxisol de los Llanos Orientales de Colombia

Cumulative infiltration and Ks attributes did not fit to models of spatial distribution, finding ranges of m for the other attributes, distance to optimize future sampling for the study of spatial variability. Effect of tillage and water pressure head on the hydraulic properties of a loamy soil surface.

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Other common vegetation includes large and small shrubs, stunted trees, cushion plants, herbs, and rosette plants.

Plant Soil and Environment The theory of infiltration: El muestreo se realizo en una malla rectangular de 64 puntos, con distancias perpendiculares de 52 m x 45 m entre puntos de muestreo. It has the lowest air temperature, precipitation level, soil water-holding capacity, and nutrient content of all the zones. The range represents the distance where this constant correlation is reached; indicating that on the basis of this distance there is no correlation among samples.

This page was last edited on 25 Augustat Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and geostatistics, identifying the relationship between attributes, using the Pearson correlation and cluster analysis. Journal of Hydrology The Pearson test showed direct and significant correlations between Ci, Bi, S1 and Ks, attributes that correspond to water infiltration process Table 2.

Andisol – Wikipedia

The results of the CA are represented in graphic form dendrogramin order to facilitate the identification of the groups formed by the attributes, together with the representation of the variation of the Euclidean distance between the attributes in order to define the point at which a dependency among the parameters exists.

Frequently, determination of the infiltration rate is carried out in the field through the use of ring, individual or double. In the same way, different relationships between soil attributes can be established, where simple techniques like Pearson correlation or cluster analysis allow visualizing the linear correlation between pairs of attributes, relationships that also can be seen especially using geostatistical techniques, which let obtaining detailed and practical information, in order to facilitate the management of fundamental resources in agricultural production, such as soil and principally water, in order to establish zones of management of the design, adjustment and operation of irrigation systems.


The precise determination of the water infiltration rate in the soil helps to minimize the risks of degradation, especially with the process of surface runoff. This oscillation often results in a daily freeze-and-thaw cycle, sometimes described as “summer every day and winter every night. The Andes also play andiwoles key role in the climate of these regions as they cause an orographic uplift in which moist air rises.

Efecto de la temperatura de secado sobre el grado y la variabilidad espacial de la repelencia al agua en Andisoles de Antioquia, Colombia.

Spatial variability of infiltration and its relationship to some physical properties. Geostatistics in soil science: Retrieved 29 November The spherical model has a high growth rate, although for large distances the marginal increments diminish until they become null.

The determination of the soil texture was carried out using the Bouyoucos method. Variabilidade espacial de propriedades fisicas do solo em uma parcela experimental.